Juice Programme: Day 2

7.10am: I’m up and making all the juices i’ll need until around 5pm, whilst sipping on my hot water with lemon. It took me about 35-40mins to make all 3 types of juice – ┬áSuper Juice, Super Chute Juice, and Turbo Express. I think it’ll be a lot quicker if I put the various bits and pieces needed for each fruit in a container or bag in the fridge the night before, so that I can just grab them and throw them in the juicer in the morning and save faffing around. Here’s what will be feeding me till I get home:


8:15am: I’ve popped the juices into my rucksack, which is already pretty heavy as it’s got my bike’s d-lock in there too (i’m going to weigh my bag one day to see how much it comes to. Pretty sure i’m cycling with about 15kg on my back!). I’m out the door and headed to Regent’s Place HealthClub. I was in and out of the showers and managed to get to work (late) by 9.15am, and had my first juice at 9.30am. Clockwork! I actually poured the wrong one out though. I was meant to have the Super Juice but had the Turbo Express, but shouldn’t be a problem as I have got an extra juice serving for the day in case I need it.

11.07am: I’ve drank about 500ml of water so far and i’m about to have my mid-morning juice. Usually around this time i’d either be having a yoghurt, banana, protein bar, or a sandwich, so this is all new territory for my body. I don’t think anyone has noticed yet that i’m not eating, which is good. I’ve gone for the rest of the Turbo Express. There’s still about 450ml left.

12.03pm: I’ve just downed the remainder of my first litre of water. I’ve left about 300 ml of the Turbo Express in the fridge. The water has topped me off fairly well so I should be okay for the next hour or 2.

1.20pm: Apart from going there to quickly get my lunchtime juice i’ve hardly been in the kitchen. Time for lunch, i’m having the Super Juice. This has come out a bit better, but the avocado still isn’t smooth. I added a sachet of wheatgrass, which comes through in the aftertaste but isn’t so bad. Still no spirulina though, didn’t manage to pack that in my bag this morning


3.32pm: Time for my mid-afternoon juice, i’m having the rest of the Super Juice. The batch I made this morning filled up a 1 litre water bottle, I had half for lunch and having the other half now so this should keep me going till around 5pm I think. I do usually snack around this time of day, but right now i’m not actually craving food or feeling hungry at all.

5.56pm: I’ve just downed my 2nd litre of water for the day. I’m not hungry and I still have my Turbo Express in the fridge. I think i’ll take it back home and have it as soon as I get in. I’m almost through a full working day on just juice! Woohoo!

7.30pm: Just got home, the cycle back was business as usual. I didn’t feel any different! Having my Turbo Express now. I’m meant to have another serving of this at 9pm with wheatgrass but I may give that a miss and have a Hot & Spicy instead.

9.53pm: There will be no faffing about tomorrow morning! Just finished prepping all the fruit and veg i’ll need. This is 2 servings of Super Juice, and a Turbo Express with a few extra ingredients for an extra juice in the day if needed.


The lunchtime juice was meant to be Passsion 4 Juice Master, but it included yoghurt which I wasn’t sure how that would keep until afternoon. So I decided to switch it with the evening Turbo Express.

I’m now having my Hot & Spicy. It’s amazing to think that this is just warm apples and cinnamon!


I’m not lacking energy at all or feeling any of the side effects i’ve read about such as headaches, so this is a good start. I was even considering going to the gym tomorrow morning but figured there’s no rush. I plan to start going to the gym again on Wednesday, and i’ll be weighing myself on Wednesday morning too, so that I can see what the progress has been after 3 days of juicing. I’m signing out now. Day 2 is in the bag.