Cutting: Week 5

So i’ve completed 4 weeks on this cutting programme and start Week 5 today. Can I see any significant difference in the mirror? Not really. There wasn’t even any change on the scales this week, in fact they were exactly the same as they were last week. 164.6lbs weight and 32″ on the waist. I’ve been told to change the day on which I do my weighings to the morning of my refeed day, so i’ll now be weighing myself on a Friday morning. I’ll keep the cardio the same as last week.

Update: It’s Friday 22nd August, normally this would be my refeed day, but i’ve decided to move refeed to Mondays as I think the upper body power session is tougher. I did have a quick weighing this morning though, to see how i’m progressing. I weighed in at 162.8lbs, which means i’m continuing to lose 1lb a week, which is not bad I suppose, slow progress better than no progress. It also means that the extra intervals i’m adding on to the high intensity cardio sessions aren’t accelerating fat burning so i’m going to go back to 5 intervals instead of 7.


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