Cutting: Week 4


This morning’s weighing results: My weight is now down to 164.6lbs, but my waist is still at 32″. I’m disappointed in those results to be honest. Given how much work i’m putting in I would have expected a bigger drop in weight. I’ve lost 5lbs in 3 weeks, which I think should be a lot more when you consider the amount of weight training and cardio i’m doing, the calorie restriction, and the spacing out of meals. I’ve sent my results over to my coach and will see what he comes back with.

I’ll be getting ready to head off to the gym shortly for a legs session. I’ve already planned out all my meals for the day, which is a lot easier to do when i’m not at work as I know in advance what each and every meal will be. My macros for today will end on 191:139:46.

DAY 2-7: Monday 11TH - Saturday 16TH AUGUST

I kinda got bored/complacent of posting daily updates this week. I didn’t feel there was much happening on a day-to-day basis to warrant daily updates any longer. I can say my body is getting accustomed to the meal timings, and i’m getting used to eating within my macro numbers. This week I increased the length of my high intensity cardio sessions from 5 – 7 intervals.


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