Cutting: Week 3


This mornings stats: 165.8lbs on the scales (167lbs last week), and 32″ on the waist (33″ last week). This is progress, but I can’t help feeling that the results should be even better given all the work I have to put in. Anyway, i’ts progress all the same, better progress than I made doing it myself so I guess I should keep on keeping on. 2″ off the waist and a 4lb drop in weight in 2 weeks is good work I suppose. I’ll be going to the gym shortly to train legs and abs. I already have most of my macros planned out for the day.

I’m 2.220pm and i’m not long back from the gym. I had a large serving (7 scoops) of Herbalife Rebuild Strength for lunch as I couldn’t be bothered to wait 25mins for my chicken to cook in the oven. I had a really good session in the gym though. I took my squat up to 5 reps of 45kg for my last set, and on leg press I took it up to 8 reps of 105kg on the last set, so i’m really happy with those¬†improvements.

The verdict from the coach is that we want to keep the fat loss moving, so he’s asked that I add an additional high intensity cardio session, which means i’ll now be doing 5 cardio sessions a week (4x 25mins high intensity cardio sessions plus a 30mins low intensity cardio session). So in total, i’ll now be going to the gym 11 times a week! It sounds a lot, but i’ve always said I want to train with the work ethic and intensity of a boxer, and I imagine they probably train 2-3 times a day 5-6 times a week. Still, 11 gym sessions week sounds like a lot!

My macros for the day ended on 194:136:44. I spent the end of my evening mapping out my meals on My Fitness Pal and getting my gym bag ready. Here’s what I prepared for my post workout breakfast meal! I used half a can of tuna in spring water, a plain bagel, and 50g of low fat Philadelphia cheese. The macros for this come to 34:46:6, so to bring the protein up i’ll have a half serving of Herbalife Rebuild Strength, which will bring my total breakfast macros to 49:57:7.

20140803_215825 (1)


I wasn’t looking forward to today’s upper body weights session. My pecs still have a small sprain and it’s just not fun training on it. I got through the workout all the same and managed 3 sets of 5 reps with 50kg dumbbells, though my form was terrible. I was wondering if maybe the lunches i’ve been having at work aren’t as lean as I think and that some of the meals have more oil than I think, so for this week i’ll assume that they do have some and keep fats below 40g to account for that. I ended today on 183:147:38.


So looks like my Core Nutritionals order that I placed last Monday is finally on British shores! According to the tracking information it was checked into a UK Post Office last night so should hopefully be with me in the next few days, which is just as well, as my Core Pro is running pretty low. I ordered peanut butter ice cream flavour as I love anything peanut butter flavoured! If it tastes good i’ll order another tub right away so that i’m fully stocked up and don’t have to worry about running low towards the end of the month.

Anyway, today was just cardio this morning so I was on the stationary bike as usual. I covered just under 11km in 30mins and I was sweating loads by the time i’d finished. I actually felt quite good afterwards though.

Today’s lunch (and dinner) is sweet chilli satay chicken with veg. I think this will probably be my typical lunch and dinner going forward, veg or salad with chicken or turkey:


My delivery has just arrived! And I completely forgot that the order included some free samples! So what have we got here? Core PWO is a post-workout protein shake with 28g protein, 43g carbs, and 1g fat. It also has 4g BCAAs. Core ABC is their BCAAs supplement, which I already use in White Grape flavour. The sample is a 5g serving of Wicked White Watermelon. Lastly there’s Core Fury, a pre-workout energy supplement which I also already use in their Lemon & Lime flavour.


I ended up having to scale back my dinner and have a protein shake instead. I could have had kale and chicken but the portion was going to be so small I didn’t think it was worthwhile. I’m ending the day on 189:142:35.


I’ve now tried the Core ABC, Core Fury, and Core Pro that I got yesterday. I have to say none of them particularly impressed me. The Core Fury didn’t taste great, Core ABC tasted too sweet and sickly, and the Core Pro peanut butter ice cream flavour was just a disappointment. I had the Core Pro after my workout this morning with water, maybe it’ll taste a bit better with milk.

I trained shoulders, arms, and abs today. I decided to drop the weights slightly from last week, not because I couldn’t push as heavy but I thought the whole idea of hypertrophy workouts was to train at 65% of the power days. I’ve asked for clarification on this. Even though I was training with slightly lighter weights I was pretty taxed by the time I started on arms, which was especially surprising because the Core Fury sample I had was 1.5 servings.


Today I tried having 1.5 servings of Core Fury again for my legs session. Again, I can’t say I noticed any difference. For my squats I used the cambered bar. I didn’t even know what a cambered bar was a few weeks ago! I found it a bit easier and more comfortable using this bar and will use it going forward now. Macros for today are 192:138:39. I will admit that today i’ve been mentally questioning the amount of work i’m having to do and the results that is getting. For the amount of work i’m putting in at the gym and the strict diet i’m on – not just the calorie restriction but also the meal frequency – I guess I feel that I should be seeing much better results. But admittedly this is only Week 3 and I haven’t even done the weighing for this week yet. But I remember when I was doing Insanity I began seeing results after 3-4 weeks. Anyway, let’s see what the scales say on Sunday, hopefully they’ll be good.


And here we are, on what is now my favourite day of the week – Refeed Day! Yep i’ve now moved these to Fridays so that mentally it still feels like a ‘cheat day’ of sorts. I trained chest, back, and abs this morning. By the end of the workout I was pretty exhausted to I think this is definitely the best day for a refeed. I tried that Core PWO sample this morning too as I figured the extra carbs would be okay today. My verdict: poor taste i’m afraid, like most of their other products. I think the only Core Nutritionals supps that i’ll continue using going forward will be Core Alpha and perhaps Core Fury, and even those i’m sure I can find alternatives.

I’m starting the day with what is now my usual breakfast: a tuna bagel with low fat cheese, but with this one I added some bbq sauce.

This afternoon’s cardio session seemed tough, perhaps my quads haven’t quite recovered from yesterday’s workout and the lactic acid was building up a bit quicker. I’m so glad it’s done though and that is my last workout of the week! I’ve had bbq chicken (no skin) with potatoes and a bottle of Lucozade for lunch, and my macros so far are 130:262:30. So i’ve got some freedom and flexibility for dinner.

I’m at the end of what has been an enjoyable refeed day. I think for next week I won’t bother with Lucozade to help me hit my carbs numbers, i’m pretty sure I can hit it with solid food. I’ve spent part of this evening working out what food I have in the fridge and what quantities to have tomorrow to stay within my ‘rest day’ macro numbers. For today, my macros are 169:304:37.


Not much to report today. I had a well-deserved day off from the gym. I had planned my meals for today yesterday evening so already knew what i’d be eating and when. Macros for the day came to 191:110:37


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