Cutting: Week 2


It’s 7.30am on Sunday morning. I’ve just finished sending off my update of the last 7 days over to my coach. I decided not to monitor body fat and muscle, because if the numbers were disappointing it would probably derail me psychologically. I’ll monitor body fat and muscle once a month, but for now it’s just body weight and waist measurements. This morning I weighed 167lbs and my waist is 33″, so i’m 3lbs lighter and an inch thinner around the waist, which I guess is a good sign. I also slept pretty well for the first time this week! I guess my body is finally getting used to the ingredients in the Core Alpha supplement.

I’m heading to the gym at noon today, and I really had to think through and plan my meals – not only their timing, but also the macros too. I’ve planned the day so that most of my carbs are eaten in the morning and right after my workout, that fats are kept relatively low before and after the workout but increased for dinner, and protein is spread out relatively evenly throughout the day. Provided I stick to what I have planned I will end the day on 1697 calories (189:133:45). I should be able to have lunch around 1.30pm, then dinner should be around 7.30pm


My aim this week is to push harder and increase my weights from last week now that i’m familiar with all the movements. I trained legs this morning and was generally able to push the weights up. I was particularly happy with leg press, my last set was 8 reps of 85kg, and afterwards I felt I could have increased it to at least 90kg. I did abs too, and i’ll be going back at lunchtime for my interval cardio session. I’ve also ordered more supps to that i’m fully stocked up for the month. I’ve ordered another tub of Core Pro protein powder (peanut butter ice cream flavour). I hope it tastes as good as it sounds! I also ordered another tub of Core Alpha, and a tub of Herbalife Rebuild Strength. Holland and Barrett do chewable probiotic capsules in a strawberry flavour, and you only have to take one or two a day, instead of the current brand i’m using where you have to take 3 before every meal. So i’ll be switching to H&B’s brand when I get a chance to.

I measured my waist again this morning as I wasn’t entirely sure I could drop a whole inch in just a week, and actually it was just under 33″ this morning so looks like this is definitely working. You can’t see any difference in pictures, but I expect i’ll be able to see a physical difference after 4 weeks.

I’ve been using that Deep Freeze on my chest the past week and haven’t really seen any improvement. If anything the pain has now spread to both sides of my chest. It’s not a serious pain, but when I tense my chest I can feel the sprain in the sides of my pecs and it doesn’t seem to be improving. I may have to skip the next chest workout to give it some more time to heal. I’ll see how things go over the next few days.

I went for a little food shop this evening. I bought a few things including some focaccia bread, tinned tuna, and low fat cheese. The macros on these were all pretty good and would make a great post-workout sandwich! When I got home I had planned to have chicken and veg but the carbs came in way too low. Looking back at my meals in the day I realised that the carbs I had at lunch were too low. Ideally I should be having most of my carbs earlier in the day (especially immediately before and after my workout), and then having low carbs at dinner.


I had prepared a great focaccia sandwich with tuna and low fat cheese before bed last night and had it in the fridge ready to go, and I was about 10mins down the road on my way to work when I realised I had forgotten it in the fridge. I did my 30mins cardio session on the stationary bike this morning and I was out of the gym earlier enough to head to Tesco and look for an alternative. I had a low fat tuna sandwich and a serving of Herbalife Rebuild Strength protein shake, which worked out just as well. Whilst I was at the gym I had an idea to allow my pecs more time to recover: I’ll switch tomorrow’s chest + back session with Friday’s shoulders + arms session. Or even better, I could make tomorrow a back + shoulders session then do chest + arms on Friday. This would mean that tomorrow’s session is still intense enough to keep it as a refeed day, as i’d like them to be spaced out fairly evenly.

I went over on my carbs a bit today, ended on 1664 calories but split was 193:151:30.


Refeed day today, i’ve been looking forward to this! It’s kid of similar to a cheat day in that I get to consume a lot more carbs. I bought a multipack of Lucozade and brought in 2 bottles to work with me. One to have with breakfast and another with lunch. I trained back + shoulders this morning and I could feel the slight sprain in my chest when I did shoulder press. It didn’t affect my workout though and I was able to up the weight in most cases. I’ll be heading back at lunch for cardio. By the way, I had my focaccia tuna sandwich for breakfast and it went down a treat! This will definitely be my go-to post-workout meal.

So I think refeed days are now my favourite day of the week! It’s almost a cheat day in that you can eat a lot more carbs. Here’s what I had for lunch: pasta with broccoli and walnuts, with chicken, all washed down with an ice cold bottle of Lucozade. This was after my cardio session and it went down a treat!


I ended the day on 2369 calories (173:300:49).


On my cycle home yesterday evening I noticed that I wasn’t feeling the pain in my pecs anymore, which is great! I decided i’d give my chest one more day or rest, so I trained legs and abs this morning. The workout took a little longer than I expected, but I was pleased with the progress I made from last week, increasing the weights on almost everything, especially on leg press. I ended today on 1723 calories (187:142:41).


I trained chest + arms this morning, but didn’t try to go heavier on the dumbbell press, as I could feel that the muscle wasn’t completely healed. I went back in the afternoon for my final interval cardio session. I am beginning to see some progress in my physique now. I can certainly see that there’s a bit more volume in my shoulders, and my abs are just starting to creep in too, but only just! Here’s what I had for lunch today; tenderstem broccoli, basil grilled turkey, and fried polenta. It was pretty quiet at work so there was plenty left over, so I made a takeaway box and stashed some away for dinner too.


Even though it’s only 3pm i’ve already added my dinner into My Fitness Pal and know i’ll end the day on 1603 calories (196:140:29). Well that’s what My Fitness Pal says anyway. I couldn’t find a reliable entry for fried polenta (some of them had 0 grams of fat!) so i’ve made an assumption that each ‘cake’ has 10g of fat, which would take my fat intake to 39g and my calorie intake to 1693 calories.

I should be rejoicing that i’ve finished this week’s training, but actually i’m already looking forward to training legs again. Specifically, i’m looking forward to seeing how heavy I can go on leg press. Well i’ll be hitting legs on Sunday so i’ve not got long to find out. I want to be able to rack 4 plates of 25kg (100kg) on the machine like some of the other guys i’ve seen in the gym. I think that would be a great achievement considering i’ve only just started training legs last week.


Rest day, but I still had to be disciplined and eat within my numbers, which I did quite well, ending the day on 184:107:50. I had turkey 175g of turkey breasts for breakfast whilst driving in the car, saving the carbs for lunch and dinner. I also had my BCAAs between lunch and dinner.


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